Feedback, Information, and the Fabrication of Spatialisme
MLN 135.4

Digital Index: Control Poetics in Die Maschine
symplokē 28.1-2

Semantic Materialism, Linguistic Value: Tel Quel’s Jetsam
Cultural Critique (forthcoming)

New Noise?
NLH (forthcoming)

L’Esprit stéréophonique: l’internalisation de la bureaucratie, de Wucherungen à L’Augmentation
Cahiers Georges Perec (forthcoming)

Closure and the Memory of the State
diacritics (online)

Unarchive [editor]
diacritics (online)

Race After Information-Value
Radical Philosophy 2.11


Other Mountains
Glassell EP [2016]
Mare’s Nest [2014]
Fernweh [2011]
Japan EP [2010]

Destroy the Runner
Void [2016]
I, Lucifer [2007]
Saints [2005]